Adrian March

Acquiring the Tools for the Job at Cambridge

      Engineering Research and Development

                    Teaching a Range of Sports Subjects

                                  Active Living after Surgery

                                                Life in Provence

Educated at Bryanston School, where he had a wide range of interests, extending as far as a brief period in stage lighting in the professional theatre, Adrian won a major scholarship to Cambridge, where he became Senior Scholar of Sidney Sussex College.

After specialising in Physics, Chemistry, and Metallurgy in his first two years, and gaining First Class Honours in all three, Adrian then switched to Electrical Engineering for his final year. This background fitted well for his subsequent PhD in Solid State Physics and Scientific Instrument Design.

Illustrated on the right is the scanning microdensitometer which he developed as part of his research, designed to measure the positions of lines on photographic plates to a precision of 0.01mm, and used in his research on the structure of thin transparent gold films.

microdensitometer small

After gaining management experience in companies in the fields of high precision engineering, electronic building heating controls, computers, and materials handling, Adrian started his own organisation.  He later abandoned activities which were principally concerned with sales, to concentrate on personal research consultancy, which was of more interest to him.

A further development came with the advent of children in the family, and Adrian broadened his horizons to be able to help them with sport and other out of school activities.

Subsequently, after cancer surgery, Adrian was one of the founding trustees of the Colostomy Association, and since moving to France in 2006 has become their Consultant, applying his extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology gained in sports training to advise on such subjects as colostomy and hernia management, and returning to sport and an active life after abdominal surgery.